Amazing Vancouver Tapestry Took Over 5,000 Hours To Weave

Sola Fiedler sure has dedication.

The 78-year-old artist has been working on the same project since May of 2009: a bird’s eye view of Vancouver. Inspired by the 2010 Winter Olympics, Fiedler wove the tapestry using yarn from recycled sweaters. The whole thing took over 5,000 hours.

“There’s usually one perfect spot where you can see the whole city and then I imagine myself either in a helicopter or as an eagle, flying around,” she says in a promotional video. “And I actually physically walk every inch of the city, sometimes going back and looking at a building over and over and over again until I get it exactly right.”

Fiedler’s work is in the art collections of CIBC, CBC, and billionaire entrepreneur Jim Pattison. The tapestry will be on display at Vancouver’s Mainspace Community Gallery (116-350 E. 2nd Ave.) on Aug. 29 and 30, after which Fiedler hopes it will find a permanent home.