Luxury Las Vegas

Luxury Las Vegas

Luxury Las Vegas

from the Editor pg 7/8

One of Las Vegas’ most unique and valuable treasures is without a home.

It’s unfathomable to even believe that a 7-1/2-by-11-foot hand-woven tapestry, capturing a glimpse in time of Las Vegas when the Strip was booming and the city’s streets were seemingly paved with gold (circa 2006 – 2008), has not been snapped up by a collector or even graces the walls of one of Las Vegas’ world-famous casinos.

In November 2012, Luxury featured the singular tapestry that showcases the Las Vegas Strip in a very unusual and environmentally friendly way.  Internationally renowned fiber artist Sola Fiedler used yarn procured from local thrift stores to create the entire tapestry, which took 8,000 hours to construct.

The intricate work is so detailed that upon close observation you can not only see the rides on the top of the Stratosphere, but also the guitar at the Hard Rock.  Even things long gone such as the Strip signage for Danny Gans’ show at the Mirage and the Stardust Casino have been woven into history never to be forgotten.  Sola truly did not overlook at thing, her attention to detail ensured each window and floor of every casino and hotel is accounted for with each thread she pulled through her loom.

Every time Sola memorializes a city in yarn, she lives there, soaking in the energy of the city to bring each place to life on her loom.  Most of her large-scale tapestries are tributes to cities that have hosted the Olympic Games, capturing their architectural and spiritual elements.  She has created tapestries of Key West, Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Sydney, Australia and is currently working on one for Vancouver, which will be completed this year.

It is astonishing that this artistic time capsule has never found its way into a local art collection, whether personal or private, or even into one of the city’s many new architectural wonders such as The Smith Center, Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health or raven the Springs Preserve due to the obvious green angle.

It’s time to find a home for what is truly a labour of love so we can ensure it stays in the city where it belongs.